Jan 10, 2012

Montreal finally has its Snow Village!

by Andrea Doucet Donida

On a whim, I decided to go eat my Monday lunch at the brand new Snow Village with my friend Mayssam. It was a grey day, you know when you’re not sure where the ground stops and the sky begins…probably not the best weather to admire the new Snow Village that is all the buzz in the city...

Montreal had been indeed awaiting for a while now their own icy hotel, similar concept to the one in Quebec City. However, Montreal being a foodie paradise, can brag that the Snow Village has an important addition: the Pommery restaurant, headed by renowned chef Éric Gonzales of the Auberge St-Gabriel and Auberge sur la route (caterer).

Construction still underway - official opening January 18th 2012

Actually, the Snow Village is still somewhat under construction, the big opening is scheduled on the 18th of January, but most of the structure is ready as well as the Pommery restaurant.

So I went, well dressed, with warm booths, my sky underpants and winter hat and gloves: Ready and willing to spend a couple of hours at -3 degrees…

The restaurant is the nicest room in the Village and the ambiance is worth the price. At night, there is a choice between a 3 or a 5 service meal that looks really delicious (see menu here).

Lucky for you, if you go after January 18th, they will have added a cushioned isolation under the faux fur that is for now, the only barrier between you and the icy seats… I have to admit it was getting cold by the end of the meal, and it was only a lunch!

At lunch time, you have a choice of soup or salad (but who would choose a salad at -3!?!!) and a delicious warm sandwich, for 16$

So my only advice to you is this one: go very well dressed for winter outdoor weather; don’t hesitate to wear your full winter uniform, snow pants included.

Hallway leading to the rooms of the Snow Village Hotel - for the courageous ones!

All rooms were not yet decorated, this one was however with a Hockey theme!

The bar of the Snow Village

Your best bet is to reserve!

Snow Village Canada will have its official grand opening January 18th, and will stay open until March 31th, for its 2012 edition.

PS: starting January 21st will also be the start of La Fête des Neiges de Montréal, a Winter fest for all the family. It will be right next door, so before or after your outdoors activities you can visit the Snow Village.

PPS: Mayssam is also a blogger at Will Travel for Food.

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