Jul 17, 2013

Tapeo is getting ready for it’s 10th anniversary and is celebrating with Villeray!

By Erica Radey - special collaboration

Tapeo restaurant will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in June 2014 and is starting the party early. They are giving back to the community that helped them grow over the past decade.

Tapeo has set up the Villeray Urban Design fund that will be supported by the sale of their original monthly tapas created by Chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre.

Sébastien, Marie-Fleur and Victor

“The creation of the Villeray Urban Design fund is to thank all those who support us. The Special Fund will be financed by sales of a different tapas every month and will, ultimately, embellish the neighbourhood that has welcomed the restaurant and helped it grow for the past 10 years. Citizens are invited to submit projects. The idea or ideas chosen will be selected in June 2014 with the help of Villeray district city counselor, Elsie Lefebvre.”  Explained Victor Afonso, co-owner of Tapeo. 

The very talented chef Marie-Fleur St-Pierre has created unique tapas for each month of the year in support of this fund, which I got to taste at the media launch of their project. I loved the flavour combinations and the play on different textures.

Here is the list of tapas that will be available throughout the year:
July: truffle, BBQ duck magret
August: corn-paprika scallop tartar
September: cider muscles
October: Russian salad croutons
November: Escargot stuffed mushrooms
December: foie gras parfait
January 2014: piri piri chicken wings
February 2014: blood pudding and chorizo ​​cassoulet
March 2014: fried marrow and manchego
April 2014: warm anchovies and egg white salad
May 2014: lobster panade

The tapas were served throughout the evening and dare I say they were delicious. I really liked the corn-paprika scallop tartar; loving seafood and tartar, this was the perfect match for me. I’m definitely coming back in August to get more of these.

My favourite tapas of the night

The Spanish tapas culture is the spirit of togetherness and the sense of community, which is deeply rooted in Tapeo’s philosophy. Over the years, Tapeo has contributed to the Villeray neighbourhood by offering great food and an even greater ambiance to those who surround them, embodying the essence of giving and sharing that are tapas. I live in Villeray—the best neighbourhood in Montreal if you ask me—and I’m exited about this project and the idea of making it even better!

Members of the community are invited to share their ideas on how to embellish the Villeray neighbourhood on the restaurants’ website: www.restotapeo.com


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