Jul 28, 2012

The Souk – streetfood at the Just For Laughs Festival – is a hit!

By Andrea Doucet Donida 

Gaëlle Cerf, co-owner of Grumman 78 taco foodtruck must be smiling right now, and with good reason.

Her brain-child, the Food Souk, a celebration of streetfood at the Just for Laughs Festival, is a hit. Last March, when I spoke to Gaëlle at the Snow Village Streetfood event, she was already working on this summer Just for Laughs unique food concept in Montreal, pushing to get street food recognized as a valid alternative in Montreal. It is still within the “walls” of a Festival, but slowly we have seen the discussion surrounding street food make its way up the Municipal agenda. While we wait for this mouvement to finally take over the real streets of Montreal, don’t miss your chance to taste what is offered at the Souk: today is the last day! Ends July 28th at 11pm.
Grumman 78 is one of the leaders in Montreal's Street Food mouvement and organizer's of the Food Souk

I strongly recommend going in late afternoon since some of the street food trucks are closed at noon, especially all the sweet ones - don’t know why and as a fervent sweet tooth gal, I was very disappointed when I went for lunch!
Marius & Fanny was closed at noon - I was looking forward to their cannelés and macarons...check them out!

You can find your usual street food fare – but at a very high standard, like burgers, tacos, hot dogs and such. However, you also find original offerings, healthy and so delicious, like the veggie cones served up by Darren Bergeron at his Dada stand. He also adds some salmon, cheese or other toppings, in amazingly spiced up vinegrette with fresh and crunchy vegetables. Can you tell it was my favourite?
Chef Darren Bergeron preparing fresh mix of beautiful vegetables and spices, yum!

Another really good choice are the lobster rolls form Lucille’s stand, and the line-up is not too big since the service is ultra-fast.

Street food is also a place to innovate and have fun, like this unusual “glass” for very sweet raspberry lemonade! Makes you feel like a kid again.
Raspberry lemonade in a bag, makes you smile although too sweet to make it really refreshing

Which I guess is the point of this Food Souk at Just for Laughs, enjoy yourself, laugh and have a big foodie party!

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