Feb 27, 2012

Joe Beef on the cover of Lucky Peach, the coolest food mag out there

by Alexandra Forbes

Even though I'm a die-hard fan of Momofuku Ssäm Bar, in New York, I don't always agree with what chef-owner David Chang does or serves. But I do admit one thing: he managed to put out a food magazine that many food writers out there would envy. Or DO envy, actually. Pretty cool, pretty ballsy, pretty well-researched.

I not only read every issue: I keep the magazines at home as valuable research tools, as they've proved to be a brilliant mix of fun and substance.

And this month... Montreal's own Joe Beef is on the cover! Chang's love affair with the "Joe Beef boys" is nothing new, as he made clear in the intro of the Joe Beef book, but I'm glad to see the collaboration has been ongoing. (To see what I had to say about the book, with a video interview with Dave and Fred, click here).

(I've ordered my copy but, alas, it hasn't arrived, so this is just a teaser post...)

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