Dec 6, 2011

DNA restaurant's Derek Dammann featured in Paris edition of the OMNIVORE food festival

The promotional poster for Omnivore’s “World Tour”:
can you recognize these chefs?

OMNIVORE,  a relatively new food festival first launched in France in 2003, has suddenly gone global. While in past editions it alternated between France and New York, next year it will hop all over the globe, quite literally. Here are some of the confirmed locations, including... Montréal:
  • Geneva, Feb 5-7
  • Paris, March 11-13
  • Brussels, March 18-21
  • Moscow, April 24-27
  • Copenhagen, May 26-28
  • Shanghai, June 12-14
  • New York, July 14-16
  • Montreal, August 18-20
  • São Paulo, September (dates to be confirmed)
  • San Francisco, October 20-22
  • Istanbul, November
  • Sydney, December 15-17
Food critic Luc Dubanchet (ex-Gault Millau), founder and organizer of the festival, has been feverishly scouting the chefs who will participate in the events. What makes OMNIVORE stand out is its focus on young talent. Several chefs who are huge today – like Iñaki Aizpitarte (Le Chateaubriand and Le Dauphin, Paris), René Redzepi (NOMA) and David Chang (Momofuku empire), participated in earlier editions (when they were already garnering high praise from critics but weren’t quite as high-profile as they’ve become today).

chef Iñaki Aizpitarte, Le Chateaubriand (Paris)

As he explains in a press release, Omnivore will “travel the globe with 5 to 10 French and International Chefs, wisely measuring out in equal parts established chefs and newcomers. This brigade will then work with 5-10 “resident” chefs in each city. It is this unique programming that is truly a benchmark of the Omnivore organization.”

Also new is the “Omnivore Mobile Kitchen”: essentially, a pop-up kitchen encased within an inflatable dome, which will be taken along for the “world tour”.
 The mobile kitchen will be round and equipped with a camera that films at 360°. The dome was created by Montréal's own SAT (Society of Art and Technology) and includes a cutting-edge system of immersive projection (don't ask).
Most of the Omnivore events are open to the public and can be booked on their website.
The chefs participating in the Parisian edition have been announced and include, among others, our own Derek Dammann, of DNA (, who will be going up on stage on March 12. He's worked at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, in London, but he's now back in Montreal, serving menus that are heavily based on head-to-tail cooking and ingredients from sustainable sources, many from the province of Québec.
Here are some of the other chefs who will be at the event:
It's an OMNIVORE trademark to pair the presentations with fun dinners around town, cheekily dubbed "Les Fucking Dinners" - asterisks optional. Here's what's been confirmed so far (copied and pasted from Twitter):
les f*** dinners, Paris: 10 March 2012:
Ignacio Mattos of cooks at Au Passage ... cooks at la Gazzetta
les f*** dinners, Paris: 12 March 2012 
... at Frenchie ... at Septime ... at le Chardenoux
les f*** dinners, Paris: 12 March, & Alexandre Bourdas () at l'Agape Substance... at J-F Piège
les f*** dinners, Paris: 13 March 2012 .. cooks at Aux Deux Amis ... Josean Alija from & Barbot at l'Astrance

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