Nov 24, 2011

Ferran Adrià in Montreal - Conference at ITHQ

Ferran Adrià in Montreal! Yes, it surprised many when the first news of this came out. But it happened. And I was one of the lucky few to attend his conference given by him to the students of the ITHQ and interview him afterwards. What a day that was. A November 22nd that I’ll remember because when you meet one of the great, you always get inspired, a part of you grows and changes a little as well.

The conference was in French, and I filmed it all to share with you. You can read my summary of the conference and watch the full conference as well as exclusive interview video at: À la saveur d’Andrea (in French).

Ferran Adrià was very generous and offered us not only a peak preview of what the elBulli Foundation will be, this new era of elBulli, committed fully to gastronomic creativity in an out-of-this-world environment, but also a peak into the last day of the mythic restaurant, a world premiere of the emotional moment shared by hundreds of chefs and sous-chefs (with most of the best chefs in the world!) that once worked at elBulli who reunited to celebrate with Ferran the end of an era.

His loudest message to the culinary students was: “You know nothing. If you think you know, you won’t be great. I know just a little. When I wake up in the morning, I tell myself I know nothing. That’s how you learn”.

Passion, freedom, sharing and taking risks, that's Ferran Adrià's philosophy. Being humble in greatness would also apply perfectly.

Want to know what eating at El Bulli was all about? Here is a video of two Montrealers who ate there recently...

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