Oct 19, 2011

Le Bremner: chef Chuck Hughes' latest restaurant in Old Montreal

by Alexandra Forbes

It's been a while since Garde Manger, a little restaurant I actually liked a lot in Old Montreal, turned into more of a party place than a place where you can eat without having to yell to make yourself heard.

So what did celeb-chef-owner Chuck Hughes do? He opened a second restaurant nearby meant for those lame people like me who care more about the food than the party.

Chuck Hughes is, all everyone knows by now, the sexy ex-bus boy, ex-bad-boy and the second Canadian to ever win Iron Chef (he beat Bobby Flay!).  He has his own Food Network show, Chuck’s Day Off, which is shown even in the U.S., on the Cooking Channel. He cooks for the famous music acts at Osheaga every summer.

He still cooks, though. And Le Bremner is where you'll find him running the service, usually.

My food critic friend Melora Koepke loved it. Read her report here.

Marie-Claude Lortie, the city's top restaurant critic, was quite disappointed, as she said in her review in La Presse.  She's sick of what she calls the neo-rustic cooking that Hughes is known for.

I haven't been yet, so... no comment... I'll let you pick your sides on your own! :)

Le Bremner, 361 Saint Paul Street East, (514) 544-0446

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