Jul 26, 2011

Premiere of El Bulli-Cooking in Progress in Montreal

By Andrea Doucet Donida

ElBulli, the restaurant, is closing this Saturday. It will now leave the realm of reality to become one of the most mythical restaurants in the world.

Fortunately, some of its magic and the team’s creative process with Chef Ferran Adrià at its helm have been recorded in the documentary: El Bulli- Cooking in progress.

It will be shown in Montreal on August 5th, at a free outdoor event, presented by François Chartier who has collaborated with Ferran Adrià and the whole El Bulli team and is one of the very few « outsiders » who also appear in the documentary.

Having just seen the documentary at the media projection, I can tell you that it is already stirring up some interesting debate amongst journalists, as to the “why” behind this obsessive search for new emotions and creativity in the kitchen.

The film does focus on the creative process, without dwelling into why Ferran Adrià proceeds that way. It’s like being a fly on the wall, not inside his head. So for some, it could be disappointing, but for me and most of us I believe, it’s the closest we’ll ever be to one of the greatest chefs of our times: one that has revolutionized restaurant food and which approaches are quietly seeping into our own home kitchens.

It’s not the prettiest movies, not the best directed film, not even the most interesting story telling, but if you are patient and in the moment, it can offer you an inside into genius and inspire you to create and explore the wonders of food.

El Bulli – Cooking in Progress
August 5th, free outdoor event at Place de la Paix, with presentation by sommelier and author, François Chartier, at 9 pm.
Starting August 6th, the documentary will be presented at Cinema du Parc.

Here for more info on the documentary.

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