Jun 5, 2011

F1 Week: parties on Peel Street

By Alexandra Forbes

It's that time of the year again: F1 week! The city, somehow, turns into one huge party, as private events spill onto the streets. I'll be going to the "gastronomic barbecue" at Ferreira Café on Peel Street this Tuesday, but it's far from the only thing happening on that street.... 

From June 9 to 12, the street will be closed to car traffic and will host the Peel Paddock: an event that includes car displays and free street shows. 
Here's a little sampling of what Peel street turns into during F1 street:

Thursday June 9 is also party night at Cavalli, a restaurant which, as any Montrealer will tell you, is better known for its happy hours, va-va-va-voom waitresses than the food.

On Thursdays especially, the real attraction is the place itself: alive, vibrant, flirty and loud, with a lit-up fuschia bar and… did we mention the hot waitresses? It’s a restaurant with a distinctly nightclubby vibe…
As it becomes an impromptu nightclub once a week, Cavalli draws hordes of local beauties in sexy get-ups and the men-in-suits that like to hang around them. At around nine, the lights start to dim and the music – already pretty loud by default – reaches dance-floor levels, as a DJ spins in a temporary booth.

By midnight, the place is filled shoulder-to-shoulder with a mostly local clientele (age average in the low thirties) and the flirting level gets sky-high. Pretty girls have a better chance at getting by the doorman at this point, as a line-up inevitably forms.
“They all arrive at once, do the rounds and scope out the attractive guys,” says a regular. Clearly this is not your usual pasta joint…

Cavalli, 2040 Peel Street, (514) 843-5100
Ferreira Café: 1446 Peel Street, (514) 848-0988

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