Jun 22, 2011

Aurelia, Elyse Lambert, Etheliya Hananova and Marie-Josée Beaudoin: Montreal's great sommelières

Sommelière Etheliya Hananova, of Lawrence

By Alexandra Forbes

For the last few days I've been watching video footage of some of Montréal's great sommelières, and reading their wine recommendations. Yes, they're a very sociable bunch, appearing on TV, in internet videos and blogs. Elyse Lambert has become a full-on TV personality, while Aurelia Filion has the hottest wine blog in Québec (thanks mostly to the videos she posts of herself tasting wines). Marie-Josée Beaudoin and Etheliya Hananova have their own sets of followers, too....

I wrote about them today in The Montreal Buzz, here's the link.

Sommelière Marie-Josée Beaudoin, co-owner of Les 400 Coups
Photo: Andrea Doucet Donida
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