Feb 14, 2011

Le Filet restaurant by Hubert Marsolais and Claude Pelletier: délicieux!

So I got an email with the above message, and... guess what I did... 
On Sunday, I was there, one of the very first Montrealers to try out what  promises to be the next talk-of-the-town. 
I can't say it was love at first sight... not a big fan of apparent cinder blocks, nor of the mix of oversize marine photography and gold'n'silver walls...

But then we sat down and let the chefs send us pretty much everything on the menu. And... wow. Or rather, WOW. Seriously solid cooking. More detailed descriptions to follow shortly, but here's what we tried, in a nutshell:

Cavatelli with foie gras

Escargot tartelette

Scallop, pork shank, mousseline-style polenta

Surf'n'turf: lobster, breaded sweetbreads, eggplant purée

Omble de Gaspé (char) with sorrel, clams and beans.

Heavenly golden and crisp black cod with celeryroot purée and chorizo "croutons"

The only sort of boring thing: a hard-to-identify rillette (mackerel, it turns out)

Delightfully colourful and multi-textured "salad" of scallops, avocado mash and fun ultra crispy beet "crunchies".

Le Filet: 219 Mount-Royal West, tel. (514) 360-6060


  1. Sounds delicious but is it as expensive as Club chasse et peche?

  2. Looks very tempting. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

    I have just one question, though. Did you pay for your meal or was it comped?

  3. Hi, my friend that invited me paid for the meal. It is not as expensive as Chasse et Peche but portions are small, you're meant to order more than 1 app and 1 main.

  4. here is the menu with prices for those wondering..in french


  5. I went on Tuesday night and the rillette was the only thing I found a bit ordinary as well. The rest was spectacular!

  6. Alexandra,
    Regarding the puff pastry of that Escargot tartelette, what is your opinion: freshly home made? very tasty? Or just an ok 'vol au vent' sort of puff pastry?

  7. Just dined there too. I picked none of the dishes you chose (I went with the fluke, risotto, marinated sardines), but they were mostly tasty and well conceived. Posted a review of that dinner on my web blog.