Nov 5, 2010

Chef Charlie Trotter is in Montreal! He's the star chef at posh benefit soirée tomorrow

My friend Carlos Ferreira isn't exactly the kind of man who volunteers information. The owner of Ferreira Café, one of Montreal's top restaurants (perenially full, always fun and happening) is, as always, involved with one of Montreal's biggest benefit dinners. Marino Tavares, chef at Ferreira Café, will cook alongside other boldface names tomorrow night at a super posh benefit dinner called La Vittoria, which raises money for the Fondation du Cancer du Sein du Québec.

He knows I'm a hard-core foodie. He knows I write about restaurants and chefs, all the time. Yet he was mum. Didn't say a word about the fact that Charlie Trotter was coming to town - I only found out thanks to my friend Melany Kuperman, who is going to the party. In fact, as is de rigueur when it comes to these things attended by la crème de la crème, nobody really has said much about the glitzy event. All very hush-hush.

But a reporter will die a reporter, so.... I yanked the information out of mr. Ferreira and found out that chef Charlie Trotter is already in town: he arrived this afternoon. He's having dinner at Toqué restaurant right now, in fact.

I will try to interview the chef for The Montreal Buzz, and will keep you all posted. In the meantime, check out the chef lineup for the big soirée - impressive!

I'm especially looking forward to checking out the interaction between the chefs behind the scenes. Charles-Antoine Crête is hilarious, Martin Picard is his old buddy, and most of the chefs are alumns of Normand Laprise, of Toqué, the honoree. Should be a VERY fun night!

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