Oct 28, 2010

Les 400 Coups, new resto by chefs Patrice Demers and Marc-André Jetté, opens October 31

Patrice Demers, Marie-Josée Beaudoin, Marc-André Jetté  
photo by Yannick Deserre

In a town of very few famous chefs, Patrice Demers has made a name for himself as the top pâtissier, which is no small feat. He was working, lately, at Newtown, on the very touristy Crescent Street, which always seemed odd to me. Not a natural pairing: a vanguardist pastry chef with a fine dining background, working at a mammoth bar-cum-lounge-cum-resto on Crescent. A bit weird?

So it's no surprise he's left Newtown and is now finally opening his own restaurant, in partnership with chef Marc-André Jetté, who also worked at Newtown. They are the first to admit they've been all over the map in the last few years - hence the name of the new biz, Les 400 Coups, or The Four Hundred Strikes -, which seems to me refreshingly honest.

In their own words, as they posted on Facebook:

"After having done '' les 400 coups'' (literal translation: the 400 tricks) , we finally decided to open our own restaurant. We being: Marc-André Jetté as the executive chef, Patrice Demers as the pastry chef and Marie-Josée Beaudoin as the Sommelière. All three of us form a team passionate about the restaurant, food and wine industry which has led us to dream about opening our own restaurant for several months. After having worked together for the past two years and having done a few tricks of our own, we knew exactly what we wanted for our clientele: a cozy space, a refined and inspired cuisine as well as a stimulating and enriching experience. We therefore want to offer you an appealing restaurant which proposes a seasonal cuisine with a focus on using local ingredients and promoting our local talent."

Cozy? Refined and inspired cuisine? Local ingredients? It sounds very déja vu and vague, but I'm sure the actual restaurant will be much better than this description....

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