Oct 25, 2010

Bota Bota, in Old Montreal: a new spa floating on the St. Lawrence river

photo: Mathieu Labelle

The talk of the town, this month, is Montreal's first-ever floating spa, the Bota Bota. Slated to open in the coming weeks, the Bota Bota is literally a boat-spa, which is docked near the Café des Éclusiers in Old Montréal. Incredibly enough, the boat, shaped sort of like a boxy barge, has four levels and 2500 square meters of floor space and can take up to 250 people on board at one time. At the top there is a sundeck which obviously won't be any use until next summer.

Owners are Natalie and Genevieve Émond, the sisters of Stephanie Émond, who is a spa expert herself, being the owner of the beautiful BALNEA in Bromont, near Montreal.

photo: Mathieu Labelle

Bota Bota: 350 rue de la Commune, tel. (514) 284-0333, info@botabota.ca

photo: Mathieu Labelle
The Bota Bota boat-spa arriving at the Old Port. Courtesy of Bota Bota.

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