Aug 27, 2010

The Place d'Armes and other Montreal rooftop terrasses: last few weeks!

Being outside, for Montrealers, is almost an obssession. And when they happen to be downtown or in Old Montreal, where there's less green, then... they simply go hang out on the rooftop of the buildings! Here's the same scene as above, zoomed in:

But.... it's that time of the year again.... sigh... when evenings feel chillier, and the summer starts drawing to a close: a sign that "rooftop season" is nearing its end. Soon enough, many of the city's rooftop bars will close.

There isn't an exact date when this happens, of course - it basically depends on the weather but mid-September is usually when it turns too cold to justify keeping them open for business.

The other night I checked out the rooftop bar at the Auberge du Vieux Port and... it's fine, I guess.

Great view of the Old Port:

But to me it doesn't compare to the rooftop bar at the Place d'Armes hotel.

The Place d'Armes hotel and its rooftop terrasse

The Place d'Armes' rooftop has a more loungey feeling and more space between the tables, even if the view isn't anything special:

The choice of wines is ultra limited and a bit over-priced but... that comes with the rooftop terrasse territory, I guess. The important thing is.... to go while there's time and take in the great vibe.

Terrasse 701: Place d'Armes Hotel, 55 St-Jacques Ouest, Old Montreal, tel. (514) 842-1887

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  1. I love the roofing in Montreal! It always looks so nice. I wonder who does the majority of it.