Aug 9, 2010

L.A. Times praises Quebec's wine route, which is only 30 minutes South of Montreal

What? You didn't know Quebec makes very decent wines? Well... think again.

There's a wine route that starts a mere 30 minutes South of Montreal, in the region called Eastern Townships.

The LA Times story notes that "This is the heart of minority Anglo history and culture in Quebec. And despite its whispered reputation as the next Canadian wine and culinary tourism must-see, this isn't a place accustomed to drawing attention to itself.

Few Quebecers, in fact, know that there are 84 wineries across the province, out of 400 in Canada, which makes Quebec the third-largest wine region in the country (after Ontario next door and temperate British Columbia on the Pacific coast)."

It also talks a lot about the region's top winery, Les Pervenches.

I've tasted the chardonnay made by Mike Marler at Les Pervenches myself, and can attest that it's comparable to any good Old World chardonnay out there.

One place to taste the Pervenches wine is North Hatley's Manoir Hovey.

Quebec's wine route: Sampling the Route des Vins de Brome-Missisquoi -


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