Aug 21, 2010

Georges Marciano, ex-Guess, opens LHotel in Old Montreal

I've got to admit this bit of news struck me as a bit odd.... Georges Marciano of Guess fame all of a sudden has become a Montreal hotelier! 

His brand-new hotel has a very silly name: LHotel. Confusing? Yes. Missing an apostrophe? Absolutely! But the place - formerly known as the Hôtel XIXème Siècle (another less than ideal brand name) - is open for business all the same, with bright orange awnings livelying up the ornate French Second Empire façade. LHotel's biggest draw? The pop art collection of monsieur Marciano himself (think Warhols and Lichtensteins galore).

Their website is a bit shabby and the room descriptions sound.... less than alluring:
"All our rooms are equipped with cable television, three telephones, and a fax-modem outlet. Our Suites and Junior Suites also have a radio with Ipod system and flat screen TV. Some rooms are equipped with a whirlpool bath/steam shower."

But then today I had lunch with a friend who's VERY close to the Marciano clan, and only heard great things: the art is amazing, Georges Marciano is living in the hotel himself and overseeing each detail, the rooms are all being redone, each one with authentic art by a boldface name, etc etc etc.  

We shall see....

I've got to admit: I'm pretty curious. I'll got check it out asap, and will report back!

 LHotel: 262 St-Jacques St. W., tel. 514-985-0019,


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