Aug 8, 2010

F Bar, by Carlos Ferreira: "gimmicky", but "terrasse rife with spectacle", says Hour critic

I always get a kick of comparing my impressions of a restaurant with other people's - specially when I think they know what they're talking about. Melora Koepke, a Montreal-based foodie and restaurant critic at Voir newspaper, is one such person: she knows her stuff. So I read her recent review of F Bar with relish: I found it fun, informative and unapologetically honest.

I've eaten at F Bar myself twice. Once, for lunch, before they got their liquor license (read about it here). And just the other night I went back for a lovely dinner with a girlfriend. Overall, very good food. The style of cuisine? Contemporary French, with a few Portuguese ingredients thrown in here and there to tie it all in with the flagship Ferreira Café and owner Carlos Ferreira's Portuguese roots.

I came out of both experiences agreeing whole-heartedly with Melora: those damned stainless steel pots they serve the food in (tachos, in Portuguese) are simply cumbersome and gimmicky. Had they been shallow, ceramic casseroles, fine. But these are too deep, making it hard to slice meat or reach the sauces. Lose'em, I say! 

Other than that, the place is very nice, even if more expensive than neighbour Brasserie T! - another thing Melora noted in her review.

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