Aug 2, 2010

Cavalli restaurant on Peel street: the hottest girls in town?

What's Cavalli, you may ask - isn't that a restaurant? Sure, it's that, too, and the food is actually pretty good, usually. But to my great surprise, I found out last Thursday that's it's a hopping 5 à 7 bar, too. Basically, tons of people congregating around a pink-lit bar, (mostly men) being served by hot waitresses in even hotter little dresses.

I figured I needed proof for those who might think I'm exagerating. So... voilà:

Now, Montreal's kinda famous for its waitresses - the hotness quotient is always pretty high in the more upscale restos. But... can't think of any other place in town where the dresses are quite so... umm... revealing!

Cavalli: 2040 Peel St, Montreal, tel. 514 843-5100

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