Jul 8, 2010

BALNEA spa hosts famous Montreal chefs: the Summer of Chefs is on!

BALNEA, run by girl-about-town Stéphanie Émond and her hubby Denis Laframboise, is a super cool spa near Montreal where people go to spend a whole day dipping into pools and jacuzzis set at different temperatures, alternating that with a bit of sweating in the wet and dry saunas, and plain'ol lounging and admiring the stunning views. They also offer a long list of massages and other well-being treatments.

Recently, they've added what's called a "beach club": a whole set-up by the lake's edge.

Every time I've been there, the crowd's been almost as cool-looking as the couple itself, and the vibe is absolutely magical: the baths face a pristine privately-owned lake and everything is perfectly manicured and looked after.

Now Stephanie has come up with another cool idea, which she dubbed  “The Summer of Chefs", or "L'Éte des Chefs". Some of Montreal's most celebrated chefs will take turn cooking on Sundays, until August 29th.

The chefs have been challenged to a competition of sorts, where the best-selling dish will crown its creator as the winner.

Chefs include Jérôme Ferrer from Andiamo, Marino Tavares from Ferreira Café, Laurent Godbout from L'Épicier, Gilles Herzog from F Bar, Richard Bastien from Leméac, and Marie Fleur St-Pierre from Tapeo.

“We are very proud to welcome these exceptionally talented chefs to BALNEA. By aligning
ourselves with some of Montreal‟s finest restaurants, we‟re able to create an exclusive
event”, says Stéphanie.

All summer long, invited chefs will offer their "BALNEA special" at their respective restaurants. Anyone who tastes these dishes (at BALNEA or participating restaurants) can go online and vote for their favourite. They say more than CAD$ 6,000 in prizes will be given away...

Here is the complete schedule of guest chefs:

July 11th :
S’Arto Chartier-Otis
Enfants terribles

July 18th :
Marie-Fleur St-Pierre

July 25th :
Richard Bastien

August 1st :
Dany St-Pierre        

August 8th :
Laurent Godbout
Chez L’Épicier

August 15th :
Jérôme Ferrer
Andiamo, Beaver Hall

August 22nd :
Daren Bergeron        

August 29th :
Gilles Herzog        
F Bar

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