Jun 29, 2010

Bobby McFerrin at the Montreal Jazz Fest: sold out!

I confess I hadnt' heard about him in years....

the Jazz Festival's press release says, "to some people, Bobby McFerrin will always be the guy who sang Don’t Worry Be Happy", and and I must admit I am one of them...

But I guess he's much more than that, since his show, taking place tomorrow, June 30, is completely sold out.

As his offical bio says, "he wrote and sang that global number one hit more than twenty years ago. But if that song is all you know about Bobby McFerrin, we suggest the following: Go to YouTube, type in Bobby’s name, sit back and prepare for a serious boggling of the mind. There you’ll find many delights and some astonishing statistics. You’ll join the millions who have marveled at Bobby’s stunning rendition of the Bach prelude “Ave Maria.” You’ll find Bobby’s shockingly inventive appearance on the NBC music program The Sing Off, his unparalleled interpretations of Beatles songs, his collaborations with everyone from cellist Yo-Yo Ma to pianist Chick Corea to comedian Robin Williams, and his condensed version of The Wizard of Oz. You’ll see him conducting the Vienna Philharmonic and consorting with the muppets on Sesame Street. You’ll be awed by the way McFerrin brilliantly uses audience participation, most recently to demonstrate the power of the pentatonic scale at the World Science Festival in a performance that became a viral internet phenomenon, seen by over four million people. And that just scratches the surface."


For those wanting to plan ahead for the upcoming days and buy tickets before they sell out, here's music expert Jona Rapoport's recommendations of the not-to-be-missed shows:

And even if Bobby McFerrin's show is sold out, tomorrow's program has a lot of other great stuff on offer:



12:00 PM Streetnix
Scène CBC/Radio-Canada

5:00 PM Israël Proulx Trio
Pub Heineken

5:00 PM La parade du festival
Starts - At the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Urbain

6:00 PM MAnu Katché, Sylvain Luc and Richard Bona
Gesù, Centre de créativité

The Gazette montrealgazette.com

6:00 PM Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra: Treelines with guest Ingrid 
L'Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

6:00 PM Owen Howard’s Drum Lore
Scène TD

6:15 PM Croisière Jazz avec Paulo Ramos

6:30 PM Abel Maxwell Pianist
House of Jazz

7:00 PM John Forté
Club Soda

Virgin Radio 96, CJAD 800 AM, RockDétente 107,3
7:00 PM José James and Jef Neve Duo
Savoy du Métropolis

7:00 PM François Bourassa Solo
Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur

7:00 PM Geoffrey Keezer feat. Joel Miller Trio

7:00 PM Israël Proulx Trio
Pub Heineken

7:00 PM Rhodes trip avec Tomisheep
Scène du Festival

7:00 PM Clio & the Blueshighway
Scène Loto-Québec

8:00 PM Ron Di Lauro Porgy and Bess as performed by Miles Davis
Théâtre Jean-Duceppe - PdA

8:00 PM Diego « El cigala »
Théâtre du Nouveau Monde
$34.50 - $38.50

8:00 PM Darren Sigesmund
Scène CBC/Radio-Canada

8:00 PM Wop Pow Wow
Scène Rio Tinto Alcan

8:00 PM La-33
Scène Bell

8:30 PM The Roots

CKOI.com 96,9 FM, MP musiqueplus.com, Virgin Radio 96
8:30 PM Martyne H Jazz Trio
House of Jazz

9:00 PM Neil Cowley Trio
L'Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

Galaxie, Newstalk Radio CJAD 800 am, 101,5 Radio-Montréal
9:00 PM Isaac Neto
Le Balmoral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

9:00 PM Rhodes trip avec Tomisheep
Scène du Festival

9:00 PM Slavic Soul Party
Scène TD

9:00 PM John Németh
Scène Loto-Québec

9:00 PM Swing ConneXion Band
Les Bobards

9:15 PM Geoffrey Keezer feat. Joel Miller Trio

9:30 PM Gypsie Planet with Christian Escoudé, Marcel Azzola, Florin 
Niculescu, David Reinhardt, Darryl Hall and Jean-Baptiste Laya
Théâtre Maisonneuve - PdA
$30.50 - $36.50 - $42.50

CBC Radio-Canada, CHOM 97.7 The Spirit of Rock, 98,5 fm La puissance des mots
10:00 PM Darren Sigesmund
Scène CBC/Radio-Canada

10:00 PM Wop Pow Wow
Scène Rio Tinto Alcan

10:00 PM Le Golden
Scène Bell

10:00 PM The Ramblers
Bistro à Jojo

10:30 PM Dave Douglas and Keystone, Spark of Being
Gesù, Centre de créativité

11:00 PM Isaac Neto
Le Balmoral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan)

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