May 27, 2010

Formula 1 weekend in Montreal: the Peel Paddock and the best parties

Photo: Octane Management

By Alexandra Forbes

It's that time of the year again: Montréal's already buzzing in anticipation as it gears up to welcome the Formula 1 race back. This Ferrari-crazed town lives for F-1 weekend....  I don't usually make the trek out to the racetrack (pictured below), which sits on an island off of Old Montreal - but die-hard racing fans obviously do, judging by the huge numbers of tourists that flock to town that weekend.

Photo: Octane Management

I actually prefer to enjoy the city itself: a sort of collective madness takes over as fashion shows, music shows and other events take over the streets. And of course, this being a dude event, there's no shortage of hot girls in miniscule beer-company uniforms...

Usually, most of the action centers on Crescent Street - fun, but I hate all the crappy tourist-trap bars. This year, there'll be a more upscale street party on Peel, for the 1st time.

It'll be called PEEL PADDOCK.

Howd'ya like Mlle. Scarlett Johansson on the advert below? ;)

The street will be closed down between de Maisonneuve and Ste. Catherine, and most businesses have joined forces to make sure it's one hell of a party. Needless to say, mr. car-racing Carlos Ferreira himself, owner of Ferreira Café, is sort of running the show. Both his Ferreira Café and Vasco da Gama café are right in the middle of the action....

My advice? Book a table. Now.

Another fun party is being thrown by man-about-town Josh Silver, at the Le Crystal hotel. Here's the invite:


But the hottest ticket of all is the big-bucks fundraiser that will be co-chaired by Bernie Ecclestone (need I say more?) and Michael Fortier of Ogilvy Renault. Dinner + drinks cost $ 1000 per person.

Should be a very very fun weekend...

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