May 6, 2010

The best of Montreal nightlife: Koko, Velvet, Ora, Ma

Back in March, Josh Silver, a man-about-town who knows all the right nightspots in Montreal, shared with this blog some of his recommendations. As with every other city, Montréal also has "the right spots" depending on the night of the week. Now, Josh has put together an updated lowdown, so that you can always be at the right place at the right night!

I recommend checking out a place called L'Orignal (it means "Moose" in French)... This "Chalet-Chic" restaurant will make you feel like you are Up North in a cool cottage! They have amazing Staff nights on Mondays where a lot of Old Montreal Locals hang out, the prices are inexpensive, the music eclectic, the staff AMAZING, and the food deliciously different!
If you like Oysters, this is the place! They have the best oyster shucker in the City (Daniel Notkin) working there. He knows everything there is to know about oysters, as well he hand picks the best & freshest stuff from around the Globe.

I recommend that you go for dinner at a place called Ora  in Old Montreal... 394 St. Jacques st. west (Old Montreal).
Girls eat free so it's always crowded on Tuesdays... 

Check out L'Appartement Resto Lounge in Old Montreal for a cool dining environment with many of Montreal's attractive individuals, have a drink in their cozy lounge downstairs before or after dinner. 600 William Street, corner with McGill street.

If you are in the mood for live music, head to the Jello Martini Lounge on Ontario st. (just east of St. Laurent). There is an amazing Martini list, great live music (Soul & Funk), cool retro environment, and hip local crowd.

I recommend "Le Vauvert" swanky restaurant / lounge (located in the St. Paul Hotel in Old Montreal)... Amazing "Happy Hour" on Thursdays (enough said).
Dinner menu is terrific! This place is a favourite hang out for Models & the Jet-Set type...
French Folklore states that Le Vauvert was a Castle in France where the Devil himself used to hang out and play!


Macaroni Bar, an awesome Supperclub! It serves amazing nouveau Italian cuisine such as gnocchi poutine and other exciting dishes. After dinner, the place gets absolutely hopping!
DJ "Avi Large" knows how to rock the room with some of the best dance music out there...
There is an outdoor terrace so the place is a lot of in the Summer as well...
From beginning to end, this place offers a totally fun experience! This is the place to be on Friday nights for sure...
Macaroni Bar: 4448 Boulevard St Laurent, corner of Mont-Royal

Have a spectacular Pan-Asian dining experience at Koko Supper club located in the Opus Hotel. This place has an incredibly stylish environment, with a sophistication that stands out.
Dinner turns into a Party after 11pm....

The Velvet Speakeasy Lounge is one of the coolest new spots to open in Montreal in a while. The place is situated in the very old and charming Auberge St. Gabriel. From the first experience walking in down the long cave like corridor lit by candles, to the eclectic bartenders / waitresses that work there, the music, cool underground atmosphere, and hipster crowd, this place is a total blast! Saturday nights are my favourite there... This place is very unique, and will stand out as somewhere that you have never experienced before."  
Velvet: 420 St. Gabriel. Old Montreal.
Also new on the scene is a very swanky cabaret / burlesque lounge called "Le Papillon Rose"... Beautiful, plush decor, suave "scenester" type people, and sexy burlesque shows going on while you sip your favourite poison out of a martini glass.
1071 Beaver Hall (just up the street from the "W" Hotel -Old Montreal

For an intimate and tantalizingly warm spot on Sunday nights, head to Barroco restaurant for their Famous "Lobster Shack Sundays"... (self explanatory). Ask for Roberto. To see the menu and a video, click here.

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  1. When was this written? Is this information still valid April 2011? It changes so quickly. It would be great to have an update... Thanks!

  2. Muzique on Sundays is good times