May 6, 2010

Barroco restaurant in Old Montreal: delicious food, delicious vibe

We just went back to Barroco restaurant in Old Montreal for the THIRD time in one month, simply because.... the place rocks! Amazing ribsteak with chimichurri sauce, amazing service by barman Graham and owner Roberto. Great vibe: dimly lit, stone walls, great-looking crowd.

Barroco: Rue St. Paul Ouest, 312, tel (514) 544-5800

Here is a short video of our evening:


  1. Montreal restaurants are famous for delicious dishes and delicious vibes. Barroco restaurant in old Montreal sets as a good example for log time.

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  2. The food was absolutely awful. The place is so cozy and lovely I'd like to be able to say it was mediocre but that would be a blatant lie. The bison tartare was chewy and hard, the endive salad was blah and the 34$ ricotta stuffed dorade was terribly presented and tasted exactly like it looked; unimpressive. I did a full review of my dinner on my blog,, and I went to Barroco after reading this excellent review. Truly disappointing. The staff was friendly and attentive but there was no excuse for the low quality of every dish, especially at these prices.