Dec 8, 2009

New hotel in Montreal: the Le Petit Hôtel, in Vieux Montréal

Old Montreal, or Vieux Montréal, is the touristic heart of the city: the historic district of narrow streets and charming old stone buildings. Two of these, in fact, have just been jointly converted into a new little hotel called, fittingly, Le Petit Hôtel - and brought to you by the same pros behind perennial hits Place d’Armes, Nelligan and Auberge du Vieux Port, all in Old Montreal.

The new little brother is decidedly more jovial and hip.

Room categories are named like coffee or t-shirt sizes: S, M, L and XL!

Here's a medium:

Kinda nice, until you see this extra-large one, which is obv much nicer!

And comes with a Wii hooked up to the flatscreen so you can do some virtual yoga. Or not.

The rate? A mere Can$ 188 until Valentines' Day of 2010!
Pretty hard to beat...

Le Petit Hôtel: 168, rue Saint-Paul Ouest, tel. 00 xx 1 514-940-0360


  1. This is an excellent hotel chain, my favorite in Montreal. Le Petit Hotel certainly looks like one to try.

  2. It sure is, Doc, for this price.... well, it doesn't get any better, IMO. cheers, Alex