Oct 1, 2009

Halifax's Dog Day play POP Montreal tonight at Green Room

by Fiona O'Connor
Whether it's music, movies, books or food, rarely have I been one to profess a single "favourite" anything. My tastes and preferences have always straddled so many categories that the concept of choosing one thing above all else has always seemed pretty impossible to me, or at the very least, a bit silly. That, and I'm also really indecisive.

This all changed for me though when, about 2 years ago, a friend introduced me to a band, comprised of 4 of his friends from Halifax, called Dog Day. For reasons I will one day elucidate in a much longer piece of gushy writing- perhaps my first music-nerd piece- Dog Day has since come closer than any band before to being, ehem, my "favourite." This being new territory for me, it was through measured, scientific analysis that I arrived at the ground-breaking conclusion that the band, with their simultaneously melancholy and uplifting songs, eerie tone and perfect lyrics, pretty much fit all of my moods, pretty much all of the time. That, for me, was a first-hence this blog post which is now, officially, gushy.

The real reason I bring this up today, of course, is because Dog Day (in their first Montreal show with a new drummer) is playing tonight for POP Montreal, at 10pm at Green Room (5386 St-Laurent Blvd.). Be sure to check it out!

Dog Day's "Happiness" from their latest album, Concentration, released this year.


  1. Fiona, I discovered your blog some days ago and since then I am just enjoying it so much. I am also a journalist living and loving Montreal. Congrat's! Hope we can meet one day ! LUCIANA

  2. yes. they are good. very good.