Oct 20, 2009

Good gourd! The autumn riches of Jean-Talon market

by Fiona O'Connor

It seems that no matter where you are in the world, a trip to an outdoor food market can transform the otherwise routine chore of grocery shopping into an other-worldly experience. In our culture of chain grocery stores, imported, and often genetically-modified foods, it’s somewhat of a novelty to have a local market that offers such an abundance and range of fresh, locally-grown produce. There is of course a growing awareness of the social, environmental, and health value of eating “local,” and in Montreal we’ve seen this in the Plateau neighborhood with the recent resurrection of its weekly farmer’s market, now called Marché Duluth.

PC food trends aside, an afternoon stroll through the Jean-Talon market is downright good for the soul. Whether like me, you end up at home with bags full of curious-looking vegetables you haven’t the faintest idea how to cook, perusing the endless food stalls and specialty shops is a feast for the all the senses- and especially the eyes. In all its natural imperfection, market food- from the translucent green, misshapen bell peppers to the grilled sausages oozing grease- looks infinitely prettier and yummier than anything you'll find bathed in neon light at that honking big super store. Sunday's my market day- see you there!

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