Oct 25, 2009

Fall foliage: beautiful in Montreal, even more so in North Hatley

Alexandra Forbes, special to Montréal for Insiders

Sure, fall is beautiful in Montréal. The ruffling of fallen leaves, the blinding sun cutting through yellowed branches, the contrast of the fire-red trees against the old stone houses. But... it ain't quite the same as hopping in a car and driving out to the city's countryside, and more specifically, the beautiful Eastern Townships, 40 minutes from the downtown area. My favourite little piece of countryside is called North Hatley, and it's where I took these photos. Need I say more? Go. Now. While there's still gold in the landscape and farm markets to shop at.

At the Chapelle St. Agnès winery...

One of the cottages at the Relais & Châteaux Manoir Hovey:

And the façade of the inn:

More about North Hatley on this site.

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