Oct 13, 2009

De Geuzen's "Wearable Resistance" at Montreal's Studio XX

by Fiona O'Connor
DIY electronics plus second-hand clothes equals feminist activism.

Confused? So was I when I first heard about the 3-day workshop entitled "Wearable Resistance," a "collaborative, creative session" designed by the Amsterdam-based multi-visual research foundation De Geuzen. The event, which began yesterday and wraps up tomorrow, is hosted by Montreal's Studio XX, a chick-focused digital arts centre for technological exploration, creation, and critique.
For 5 bucks, 12 registered participants will "collaboratively brainstorm and play with a mix of electronics and traditional handcrafts. Armed with curiosity, secondhand clothing, LEDs, electronic gear, scissors and glue, the group will create a variety of prototypes aimed at transforming the body into a walking billboard or protest sign. Novices and experts alike are welcome to participate."

Now, if you were lacking it before, this description pulled from the event's webpage has surely armed you with sufficient curiosity to make you an eligible participant. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so head down to Studio XX at 4001 Berri, Suite 201 to sign up, or visit the website. The daily workshops take place between 2 and 8 p.m.

One thing I'll admit I'm still confused about: who exactly- besides the project's innovative creators (Riek Sijbring, Fembke Snelting and Renée Turner)- are the "Wearable Resistance" experts?

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