Sep 27, 2009

The New York Times spotlights Montreal's Plateau neighborhood

by Fiona O'Connor
Montreal is once again the topic of discussion in The New York Times' T Magazine, this time in a feature about the city's Plateau neighborhood. The piece, by David Godsall, looks at some of the "people, places and things" that make the Plateau, according to the NYTimes, "the city's center of cool." Here's an excerpt:

"Since the 1960s, the Plateau has been variously described as the Park Slope, Williamsburg and Greenwich Village of Montreal. But these few dozen blocks of colorful, crumbling walk-ups east of the mountain still manage to defy comparison, as the neighborhood’s influence on the city’s, even the nation’s, culture is entirely out of proportion with its size. The bars on Boulevard Saint-Laurent give rise to half of Canada’s noteworthy new bands every year — first Arcade Fire, then Wolf Parade and now Plants and Animals — and the kids that pack them any night of the week are among Canada’s chief arbiters of style."

Check out the feature here.

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