Sep 18, 2009

Mestiza: Mexico's gift to Montreal

by Fiona O'Connor
Considering my appreciation for Mexican food, it's a wonder it took me so long to finally check out Mestiza, the gourmet and specialty food shop located at the corner of St-Zotique and de la Roche in Rosemont. While this neighborhood boasts a number of Mexican restaurants as well as many Latin American grocers, Mestiza stands out for its unique range of high-quality products, imported treats, and variety of food-related services. Moles, adobos (sauces), conserves, and spices are all prepared in-house, and when not serving as a high-end tienda, Mestiza is a neighborhood food-academy, offering workshops on Mexican cuisine and special tasting evenings.

And, just in case you feel the need to test Mestiza's Mexican authenticity, I suggest dropping in for brunch, served exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays. For a price on par with that of many of the more popular (in the Spanish sense) Mexican joints in the area, Mestiza's small weekend menu offers a perfect number of traditional dishes to choose from. Try the chilaquiles (crispy tortilla chips laden with green salsa, chicken, cheese, sour cream and beans, served with a salad) for $5.50, the tacos de cochinita pibil (marinated porc tacos) for $6.50, or a classic tamal for $3.00 (I recommend the chicken and mole). While there are still a number of menu items I'd like to sample, my next visit will be dedicated to dessert: cheese and tequila tart ($2.00) and a hot cup of cinnamon-y sweet cafe de, how do you say...Si por favor?!

Pretty in pink: Mestiza's fine foodstuffs in their tasteful displays.
Oaxacan hot chocolate: winter won't be so bad with the help of this southern specialty...

Mestiza. Address: 6699 de la Roche. Tel.: 514 670 6997. Email:

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