Aug 16, 2009

Sunday strolling: the Allée des bouquinistes

by Fiona O'Connor
We all know Montreal has plenty to offer in terms of its nightlife, dining, music and art. But on a sleepy Sunday afternoon, when Saturday night's festivities have left you feeling a touch on the groggy side, what is there to do?

Well, for those less inclined to spend the day among the hoards of drumming, dread-locked tam-tam goers on Mount-Royal but who still want to enjoy the outdoors, I suggest checking out one of the city's many green spaces with a good book (and, of course, good coffee) in hand.

Until September 26, literary enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to discover some unique reads: The Allée des bouquinistes is a "booksellers' alley" temporarily housed next to Montreal's Grande Bibliothèque. Five local booksellers have set up shop for the summer months, selling a range of rare and second hand books, posters, prints and postcards every week from Friday to Sunday.

To read more about the Allée des bouquinistes as well as the workshops they offer, read the Montreal Gazette article here or visit the Grande Bibliothèque's website at

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