Aug 28, 2009

St-Laurent Sidewalk Sale and Street Pop Festival this week end!

by Fiona O'Connor
St- Laurent Blvd., or "The Main" as it's also known, is a pretty happening place on any given day. Twice a year though (or three times if you count when Formula 1 comes to town), the historical strip, popularly seen as the dividing line between the island's East and West sides, gets even busier when it's closed to traffic for what is now one of the city's diehard summer traditions: the St- Laurent Sidewalk Sale.

The Sidewalk Sale takes place on the Main between Sherbrooke St. and Mount-Royal Ave., and typically runs from Thursday to Sunday. Merchants set up shop in the street, while restaurants and bars expand their terraces to accommodate the influx of shoppers and partiers who stroll along the boulevard, shoulder to shoulder, all week end long.

But if battling it out at the bargain bin is not your idea of a good time - and sitting in a park listening to some live music is - then check out Pop Montreal's Street Pop Festival taking place in Parc des Amériques, located on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Rachel. A slew of bands will play over the course of the week end, and with the weather so far looking good, this just might be the ideal spot to enjoy the best parts of the Sidewalk Sale - ie. outdoor drinking- while skipping out on its worst - consumerism-fueled obnoxiousness and human traffic jams.

Check out the week end line up below, or visit the Pop Montreal website for more details.

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  1. Olá, Alexandra.
    Parabéns pelo blog!!! Vou passar 3 dias em Montreal agora em Dezembro, e descobri seu blog fazendo minhas pesquisas incessantes!!!! Eu gostaria de saber, por que os restaurantes de Montreal não têm placas com o nome na frente???? Fui olhar o Le Hangar que vc indicou no google earth, e custei a descobrir aonde ficava, porque não tinha nenhuma indicação na porta. Parece que isso acontece com frequência aí, não é??? Se vc puder me dar algumas dicas para completar meus 3 dias de Montreal, eu agradeço muito!!!!!
    Obrigada e parabéns!!!!

    Sylvia Jansen