Aug 3, 2009

Hip dépanneur Le Pick-up praised in The New York Times' T magazine

Always on the cutting edge of cool,  The New York Times' T magazine is one of North America's top trend beacons, and they've just picked up on Montreal's latest: a dépanneur-cum-retro diner called (insert laugh track here) Le Pick-up. According to T, "Set on a one-way street in a semi-industrial part of town just west of Little Italy, Dépanneur Le Pick-Up looks a lot like a standard, ’70s-era dep-casse-croûte, or dep-snack-bar, but closer inspection reveals that something much artier is going on. (...) Careful not to alienate longtime customers, (owners) Houde and Patterson kept the steak sub “Jimmy style” on the menu (Jimmy, the former owners’ son, showed them how to make it), and you can still get a Kraft single on any sandwich for 25 cents. The head chef, the Newfoundland-born Jonathan “Beaver” Shepard, has done time at Montreal hot spots like Au Pied de Cochon and Garde Manger, and hosts themed dinners like the maritime feast of recent memory. “His mom sent supplies to make stuff like tack bread, pork scrunchies and fish ’n’ brewis,” said Houde. Peanut Brittle, Beaver — whoever’s running the show, a meal at Le Pick-Up is always a bit of a production. In a good way."

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up
7032 Waverly, Montréal

Click here to read the full story in T magazine
Click here for the official Le Pick-up website

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