Jul 24, 2009

Louis CK: Tonight at Metropolis for Just For Laughs

by Fiona O'Connor
If shocking, sardonic, borderline-too far stand-up comedy has never been your bag, now is the perfect time for you to finally embrace that special brand of live entertainment that makes you simultaneously cackle, cringe and pray you won't get noticed by the crazy man on stage.

Of course, for the past 2 weeks, Montreal has been the perfect place to do this, with its 27th edition of the renowned Just For Laughs Festival bringing a never-ending list of world class comedians to the city of summer festivals.

Though long sold out, I take the occasion of American comedian Louis CK's Just For Laughs performance to bring your attention to this funniest of funny-men, just in case you haven't yet become acquainted with (or should I say assaulted by?) his outrageous antics.

Be warned, Louis CK's bits are not for the faint of heart. As much as I love the guy, and tonight will be foregoing the mascara for the inevitable downpour of tears of laughter to come, I'm also bracing myself for an evening of stories and slurs the likes of which would surely make my grandparents roll in their Catholic graves.

Really, do yourself a favour, and get to know Louis, right here.

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