Jul 13, 2009

Flying Lotus soars at Club Lambi

by Fiona O'Connor
Like most summertime week ends in Montreal (and autumn week ends too...and, well, spring for that matter...and, okay, pretty much all year-round), music nerds had their fair selection of concerts to pick from over the last few days.

In addition to last night's free outdoor Ben Harper concert, which wrapped up the 30th edition of the Montreal Jazz Fest, the indie set no doubt got their fill the night before with local acts Sunset Rubdown, Elfin Saddle and the Witchies rocking Il Motore (the newest venue of local label/tour booker/promoter Blue Skies Turn Black), while melancholic Balkan-inspired/indie folk act Beirut graced the city's Metropolis concert hall.

Club Lambi, however, hosted the week end's deepest base and sweatiest dance floor, with L.A.'s experimental DJ/producer Flying Lotus providing a high-energy set as part of his Red Bull Music Academy tour. Accompanied by Toronto's My Man Henry and local crunk-kings Speakerbruiser and Lunice, FlyLo's pit stop in Montreal - in addition to getting booties a- bumpin' - raises the profile of the traveling music school both for the aspiring artists, DJ's and producers it serves as well as for the music lovers its events attract.

(Standing next to the speaker does little for my hearing or the sound quality of this vid, but gives you an idea of Flying Lotus' style and, well, the bass.)

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