Jun 30, 2009

The other day I did a private tour of Montreal with a guide specialized in design and architecture - very cool, in fact, I'll show more of it here later. But one spot where he took me, the restaurant Marché 27, really caught my eye. I just loved the walls doubling as blackboards, the white subway tiles, the vibe of the clientele. So I promised myself I'd be back.

A few days later, I did! I stopped in for a quick lunch.

The place is a few seconds away from Boulevard Saint Laurent, a.k.a. The Main, the street that divides the island into East and West, and where much of the action takes place at night.

O Marché 27 is the essence of Montréal: the food is good yet not fancy, the atmosphere is very casual and hip. I tried a tartare of salmon that was made to order, nicely seasoned and paired with ultra-thin crisps. Very nice.

For dessert, I had a "tiramissú" that was much bigger and foamier than the original recipe but... absolutely delicious!

The place has character, and the people I saw all looked very of-the-place - I doubt tourists ever go here.

As I left, I recorded a little movie showing the surroundings...

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