Jun 30, 2009

Le Club Chasse et Pêche, best restaurant in Old Montréal

First thing I've got to say is.... sorry about the not-so-great photos, but Le Club Chasse et Pêche has the feel - and lack of light - of a cave. The name means Hunting and Fishing Club, and the menu sticks to that theme: the surf'n'turf is the specialty, and changes daily. Hunting is also quite big in Québec - although chefs aren't allowed to serve wild game - and meats like caribou and boar drive the meat-centric menu.

Le Club Chasse et Pêche is everything that the other joints in Old Montréal aren't: cool, hidden, with the feel of a discovered gem. Servers are super casual, yet very knowledgeable, rattling off menu items and describing wines in great detail.

It had been quite a while, so I decided to return two weeks ago to the
Chasse et Pêche, just to make sure it's still worth the recommendation. In a word? Absolutely!

Appetizer: seared foie with snow crab, morille and a soft-yolk egg. Odd pairing, I know, but it all worked, somehow. And the toasted slice of baguette brought a welcome crunch.

My main course was wapiti (a cousin of the caribou, let's say), very rare as it should be, with pine nuts and rutabaga. Another winner.

Dessert was a chocolate "incognito" - which looked and tasted like a parfait, and, on the side, caramelized pecan ice cream. Sounds incredible and it was, indeed, pretty good, but the parfait itself was a bit lacking, flavour-wise.

And the best part of dinner is walking out and being right smack in the middle of Old Montreal, and being able to slowly stroll along the cobbled streets to the car or cab, enjoying the vibrant scene.

Montréal's top restaurant critic, Lesley Chesterman, reviewed the restaurant recently and wrote a full report, with pictures much better than these... Check it out here.

Le Club Chasse et Pêche: rue St-Claude, 423, Montreal, tel. (514) 861-1112

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